NBA Playoffs 16/17 Statistic Leaders so far

Here are the latest Statistics in the NBA Playoffs this season so far. With the Conference finals getting underway this week, check out how you favourite player has done so far.

The site i would publish this table on would be ESPN. I have chosen ESPN because they are a source in the UK for majority of American sports primarily the NBA, I chose this table format because most basketball fans would easily recognise what they are looking at, if they are curious about a specific statistic and a certain player in the list they can easily track it down by knowing what each abbreviation means.

For consumers that don’t recognise this style, it is still an easy format to quickly recognise an breakdown so that they can understand. This is why the NBA and ESPN already use similar formats such as this so that their fans/consumers can easily understand the information that is created.

I chose next to each players name to list the abbreviation of the team they play for, this is extra information i felt relevant to include that the NBA normally doesn’t, this s just personally something i would improve to help consumers understand the playoffs so far and what teams are doing the well without having to include the mass amount of information needed.




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