How the face of journalism is changing

Social Media has stormed into relativity over the past 10 years. Anything relevant would be on any of the top sites. Every news outlet in the world is having to change how they operate so they can join this group of relevance by putting a lot of resources into cracking the code of social media.

Social media has caused original news companies and organisations to have to change but it has also birthed new ones. companies such as LADBible would not have existed 10 years ago, through social media and the idea of sharing they have flourish and have allowed themselves to become one of the most visited websites on the internet in recent years.

newspapers and websites have had to adapt to social media and really embrace it to achieve this same success. They use the classic social media sites to share their work and to get people to see it mainly through video and photos. But to fully adapt they have had to embrace more obscure forms of social media such as Snapchat where they have their own section on and it has allowed them to deliver short gossip variants of entertainment news to the specific audience that would be interested in that type of news.

Overall how journalism is changing constantly, Social media has allowed it in a way to keep up, how different news outlets enhance themselves through it has helped birth new ones but also see existing news companies make themselves better to keep up with the competition. As social media continues to evolve with the developing sites such as Facebook and Twitter but if new platform are developed in the future. It is vital that Journalism keeps up with all these forms so that people can continue to take in news in whatever form best suits that individual.


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