World War Z sequel to be directed by David Fincher

The much anticipated sequel that has been on and off for over two years is back on track after Paramount pictures found the director they want to helm the sequel to Brad Pitts’ 2013 zombie thriller.

This will only be the second sequel Fincher has ever directed his one before being his debut with Alien 3. His most notable work in recent years has seen Fincher work with Brad Pitt on cut films such as Fight Club (1999), Se7en (1995) & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008). However Pitt didn’t appear in Finchers’ latest release Gone Girl (2013).

Paramount and Fincher will be hoping production goes a lot smoother than the first film which suffered from production issues and the whole third act of the film had to be re shot which caused the film to be very expensive. However the film was still successful  and the adaptation of Max Brooks novel made $540 million worldwide.

Production is expected to start in early 2018.


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