Mass Effect 1,2,3 & Andromeda Trailer Comparison

Mass Effect is hands down my favourite Game franchise. The universe Bioware created in 2006 has only been further expanded by EA jumping aboard and distributing the game with their input of finances. I absorbed the universe as i grew up seeing Commander Shepard’s story unfold i just wanted more. With the release of Andromeda I’m taking a look at all the trailers for all four games and whats in the and how they compare.

Mass Effect 1

Well here we are this is where the journey began. I fell in love with Mass Effect purely because of the RPG element making those wrong or right choices that could determine the lives of many. Deciding to be the golden boy of the human race and bring them into a new light throughout the galaxy really got me. Honestly going back 9 years i don’t really remember ever seeing this trailer but to watch it now is amazing the combination of game-play and subtle cinematic scenes still works. You can sense the story that Bioware has planned with this universe and where they want to go with it. Even though they are limited by being a smaller company at this point, because of this fans are able to truly witness the evolution of the mass effect series.

Mass Effect 2

This is where the series took itself to new heights. With EA officially distributing the game Bioware had more money and better technology to make something epic and that’s exactly what they did. Mass Effect 2 was one for the highest rated game of the last 15 years. This trailer really explores the story for the game allowing us to see the more cinematic side of the game instead of game-play like Bioware did before. We learn of the Collector threat and we are curios who this Illusive man is that is so knowledgeable of our favourite protagonist commander Shepard. It allowed the series to introduce new characters while starting the trend of decision made in Mass Effect 1 would carry over to this game. This meant entire main characters that perished in the first game because of your decision not even returning to this sequel and so forth.

Mass Effect 3

This trailer really helped expand on this team and really the core story that Bioware was aiming towards from the start i believe. This reaper threat has come to our own solar system. We aren’t travelling the universe to just save the Human race but now we have to save other races as well. Over the first two games we have encountered all these different species good/bad and now it’s time to save them. The big inclusion of Earth in the trailer was what sold me, We have seen so much of the Milky Way the game always allowed you to travel to the Sol system to take a peek at Earth even a mission from the first game on the moon was fun. With the inclusion of Earth as a key part of the game it really drew me from the start. Either way at this point all the time I had invested in this magnificent series it wouldn’t matter if the trailer was awful I was already convinced to buy this game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

I’m going to be honest from the off here, as much as i loved the original trilogy i avoided everything about this game. i watched the trailer right a day before i bought it which was a few days before it’s release. Because of this the trailer didn’t make me purchase it i just wanted to lose myself in this new galaxy. My biggest off-put at first was the lack of Commander Shepard i understand these are a new set of games a new story that Bioware wants to tell. I have completed this game now and even though i don’t love the new main character of Scoot Ryder i learned to appreciate him he is so different to Shepard but a good different. This trailer though is very positive even though it shows enough footage of an unexplored galaxy that is just waiting for new players.


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