Gaelic football comes to Gloucestershire

The people of Gloucester have been encouraged to get into a new sport this past weekend. A national Gaelic Football competition came to the county this past Sunday.

Four teams from around the country took place in the competition. Gloucestershire’s own St. Patricks, St. Judes, Bournemouth and Plymouth Parnells are all vying for glory in the Gaelic Athletic Association League.

The 11-a-side teams took part at the competition that was being held at the Old Cryptians rugby ground in Tuffley.

On the back of the competition the GAA wants more young people to get involved in the sport especially in Gloucestershire. With the GAA offering a free programme for primary and secondary school children.

Spokesman for the GAA, Steve Connor said “The Sunday matches went very well, we were delighted to have such a good turnout and hope to have further gatherings at the Old Cryptians in the new future.”

“We would like more and more people to get involved. To have more opportunities available to try different types of sports helps everybody.”

Each team that took part in the competition each have two more games to play and their next gathering is in Bristol in June.

Basic Rules of Gaelic Football:

  • Teams: 2 with 15 players each
  • Time: 70 minutes (35 each half)
  • Passing: ball can be kicked or fisted (like a volleyball) between players.
  • Scoring: 1 point for getting the ball over the crossbar, a goal is worth 3 points which is awarded for getting the ball in the net. Scores are recorded as ‘Goals Total – Points total’.
  • Tackling: tackling can have more contact than football but less than rugby. You can have shoulder to shoulder contact and slap the ball out of the player’s hands but you may not wrestle the ball from the opponent’s hands, push them, trip them or pull their shirt.

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