Impact of television on live events research

Research File

Alice O’Dell:

Miss Alice O’Dell is an intern at events management company 8 Northumberland Avenue in London. She has been an events management student with over two years’ experience. It has always been her dream to become an events manager ever since her teen years. She was always fascinated by huge events that must have been created with seamless planning and she wanted to be a part of that. She has a key interest in weddings and other types of events that she hasn’t tried yet such as sport events but wants to get involved in them to increase her knowledge. She was a perfect interviewee because she holds key knowledge about the subject of events but she also still learning will gives her a steep advantage in talking about how events are changing rapidly and how the infrastructure of events management must change to keep up with the pace they are all changing.


I chose the topic of ‘How is television having an impact on events?’ because people might think that the importance of events doesn’t bother their day to day life and whatever their hobbies may be in life, But it does have an impact because if events are changing so rapidly, then that effects sport fans all the way to music fans. If events are changing the companies that run them have to change to. The biggest change that has occurred for events recently has been the rise of television, it has impacted events if having to change to make the live experience that bit more special than sat at home on your sofa watching the event on your television.

I wanted to bring a spotlight on the matter because even if people ignore it may affect one of the biggest loves in life without them even realising it. The price of live events makes a huge difference to someone’s leisure time and how much spare money they have. If you have a key interest in football, match tickets are expensive and can set you back, but f you just paid for Sky TV you could spend less and see more. That’s then ignoring the entire idea of being a part of history and being able to say you were there, and that’s the point at the end of the day.

Questions asked during the interview:

  1. Give us a little insight into how television is impacting live events
  2. What’s your personal opinion on the impact it’s having?
  3. How do you feel the general public feels about the impact it’s having?
  4. Why is it worth it for me to get up off my sofa to go to a live event when I can just sit at home and watch it on TV?
  5. How do you see events changing in the future to adapt to television?
  6. What is a mega event?
  7. Do you see in the future a creation of a new mega event to help?
  8. Do you feel social media is going to help or hinder live events in the future?
  9. What’s your favourite event?


Events have been massively affected by television over the past few years and the industry is being forced to change, our correspondent Declan Flannery has been learning how it needs to change fast.


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