Impact of television on live events production file

Production File

My interview about how television is effecting live events I felt went positively for an unedited interview about a subject that can affect every person. I was positive about the subject I chose because it can effect anybody in the country. Live events revolve around a lot of people’s key hobbies and life and how they spend their leisure time. Another key aspect of the subject is that it revolves around their spare money they have to spend on their leisure time activities. Because of this I felt my subject was strong and even without the audience realising at first they would eventually learn from the interview that it does affect them massively.

I was very happy in my choice for an interviewee, I chose Miss Alice O’Dell because she is an intern at a legitimate events management company so she clearly has experience going forward. But another key plus is that she is still learning at the same time, so more than anyone else she has to be the most adaptable, more so than someone with a vast amount more experience than her. She answered my question very diligently and it allowed me to work off of her answers. From her answers she was clearly knowledgeable and passionate about events management and about the subject I was interviewing her about. I believe this was the case because this subject will affect her career so she has to take it seriously which allowed her to flourish as an interviewee, because her answers were real.

I thought myself as an interviewer did well to adapt to her answers and come up with questions on the spot such as the questions about mega events and social media. I was able to work off of the interviewees answers in a quick and professional manner that appeared natural. Even though I am not entirely passionate about events management I wanted to make the subject seem relevant to everyone like myself and I feel I showed that with my question about why is it worth the cost of live events.

I really felt my voice could have been more confident for the interview, I know I have the skill set to achieve a high level but I felt my voice let me down in this interview and it is something I need and want to work on. I could have also improved my microphone skills and my ability to test and control levels before and after a interview. I felt my voice in particular was too loud towards the end of the interview because I lost my awareness and held it to close to my mouth. Going forward these are improvements that I can tackle head on and improve my own ability to become more proficient and overall a better interviewer for radio.




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