Engineering students have the best chance at more money

Students thinking of starting at university at the moment should focus all on an engineering degree if they want to make their millions, according to new analysis.

More than a fifth, or 22 per cent, of the world’s wealthiest people studied engineering at university, accounting for almost twice as many billionaires’ degrees as the next most popular choice.

A business education has helped 12 per cent of wealthy people amass their fortunes, while nine per cent of the other rich citizens studied an arts subject at university – more than those who specialised in more business-oriented topics such as economics and finance.

Approved Index, the business-to-business buying platform, analysed the educational background of billionaires by examining Forbes’ list of the richest 100 people in the world.

Girls who take just one A-level in this area could earn an extra £4,500 each year, a recent report found, while those who do two subjects either science, technology, engineering and maths could see their salaries increase by a third.

The wage boost for boys is slightly lower, at 8 per cent. The recent focus on science, technology, engineering and maths subjects means the billionaires of the future could look different to those of today.

While just four per cent of people studied maths and science at university, the strong turnout for engineering graduates supports those campaigning for a better emphasis in schools on subjects, which includes science, technology, engineering and maths.

Engineering graduates are also the richest of their peers, with an average wealth of $25.8bn, compared to a net worth of $24bn for billionaires without a degree and $22.5bn for those who studied finance.



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