Bray Wyatt wins WWE Title

Ever since i got back into wrestling 2 years ago, I have been a constant fan of the Originality and exciting nature of Bray Wyatt. He is a man that has had rough patches in his life but has managed to following his dads path and joined the WWE. He has had to reinvent himself on multiple occasions just to stay relevant to the WWE universe. This has only progressed him though he has been a man stuck between finally making it but just being inches short of that triumph.

At elimination Chamber all those doubts and worries himself and his fans have had through his time in the WWE were silenced finally as Bray Wyatt came out on top of the main event and was crowned the new WWE champion. I leaped out of seat because i truly just didn’t believe it would happen. This is the same man that had been booked horribly for a year and a half always coming out as the loser of feuds he would have with amazing wrestlers.

From starting in FCW (WWE’s developmental territory) he mad ehis way to the main roster quickly as Husky Harris a large male that was part of the Nexus stable. He never stood out though to fans he was a jobber like so many other young wrestlers that can’t take a grasp of their characters. When it didn’t work out he didn’t quit he invented his own new character the mysterious swamp lurker Bray Wyatt he created the Wyatt family with fellow wrestlers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, he lead this Charles Manson like cult.

When he returned to the main roster he was a new man invigorated by being allowed  to have his creative juices flowing. He would start feuds with the likes of John Cena and Dean Ambrose but would never come out on top. always being the great wrestler that never made it. He saw members of his stable win titles but it never something WWE pulled the trigger with until now.

Bray Wyatt will go into Wrestlemania 33 as champion i hope he walks out with it as well but i don’t know if the WWE will ever fully trust him  with a title just because he is so unique.

…… RUN!


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