Women have always struggled and have been fighting a mental and physically draining war of the sexes which has been under covered all the way up into the 21st century, women have always been repressed even though they are much better off for the time being there are still several indifference’s that live on today that travel back many centuries ago where women were whores, housewives and were the definition of second best.

This is massively linked into the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ written by the late and great Jane Austen. Women are portrayed in numerous ways through the novel; a major part is how even though they are not poor they rely on a man who is either a husband or father in Mr Bennet. Because there is such a lack of independence by the women characters it causes situations to occur where women are deemed poor and defenceless. Which results in Austen making characters such as Mrs Bennet to come across negatively as a female character in the novel this is because of her desire for her daughters to be married which at first seems to be a positive and caring thing to do to see that her daughters are happy. But this is the Victorian era we are discussing so there must be a dark motive which is so her daughters can remain in the upper class because they need to marry a wealthy man regardless of whether her daughters love or care for these wealthy men. The strong view of entailment that causes Mrs Bennet to become so negative sets the view of everything in the novel with women never being able to get what they want. That is why are rewarded with the new women that was so idolized in this hateful era. Elizabeth is this character and she disagrees with the rules of entailment because she truly cares for what true love means.

A strong point that fits in with the modern day is the power imbalance between men and women in the novel and in life in general because it still occurs today whether it is linked to laws or generally how some males treat females. Unfortunately, it will probably be a very long time until women are treated equally across all aspects because as the song always says ‘Girls just want to have fun!’ Austen uses the power imbalance as a strong indicator for the main plot and timeline of the novel, this is evident because in  male dominated society whether it is today or in the past there will always be a power struggle because someone or something always needs to be the best nothing can be equal, sexes can’t, races can’t, ages can’t so unfortunately for the world nothing can ever be that has been shown in many ways from death and the turmoil of many different people from Emily Davidson all the way to Martin Luther King. The difference in pride and prejudice is through money and true love and in many ways, it is like the real world but one thing that does matter is that there are women like Elizabeth Bennet who believe in what’s right and will always fight for it even if it is not best for their family or a group of people. G.I. Jane saves the day.


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