Critical Evaluation of FourFourTwo: January 2016 Edition

This edition of FourFourTwo has all the main sections of many magazines that are successful. It has clear contents pages along with an editor’s letter at the start just to introduce this special edition of the magazine as it’s a South American special. The actual front section of the magazine is not dominated by news sections but it goes straight into different features to do with the South American special. Most importantly an interview section with the former Argentinian player Hernan Crespo. The other popular sections that magazine upholds are picture specials where they have a strong photo story to explain a feature. They then have more news sections of specifics players and football around the world. While towards the back sections of the magazines it’s where you find drills that can help the readers with their own football skills along with an article on sweet heartening the referee.

Clearly from an editorial point of view, they have decided to dedicate an issue to a specific and huge part of the world that is and always have been football mad. With the preparation gone into this they have been able to add interviews on page 8 with South American football players and have allowed readers to interact by being the ones to answer the questions instead of the writer doing so. They then continuing with the main theme of the issue. They have their key feature about the history of a football club and use that clubs colour scheme for their own colour scheme for this issue as can be seen on the front cover and along with the others pages of the feature they continue to use the blue and yellow colour scheme. For my football magazine I had the same idea but instead of it being a special issue it would be every issue of my magazine. We would use the colour scheme of whoever our key feature was about whether it was a player or a team.

The general layout of the publication is neat and professional allowing their readers to absorb the content in an easy way. There is a strong mix of box-outs to include extra information. It works well with the sport genre of magazines because it allows facts to be displayed about a team or about a specific player as can be seen on page 48. The strong use of pictures in this is also key to explain the action, readers want to see pictures of their favourite players and of the stadiums that they want to visit and maybe already do. There is a strong sense of consistency in this edition of FourfourTwo even though majority of it is dedicated to the special. The back sections of the magazine do not feel disjointed they are connected through the colour scheme that is used. They also use their back sections for helping their readers to play the sport as well on page 106 they promote equipment to use to help their readers. This is another feature I would like to use in my magazine to help the readers feel connected to the sport they love.


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